Xinshang Wang



I work at AlibabaíŽs DAMO Academy. Previously, I was a postdoctoral associate working with David Simchi-Levi at MITíŽs Institute for Data, Systems, and Society. In 2017, I finished my Ph.D. in Operations Research under the supervision of Van-Anh Truong at Columbia University.



Research Interests

íP      E-commerce Applications, Healthcare Operations, Supply-chain Management.

íP      Approximation and Online Algorithms, Stochastic Modeling and Optimization.



Working Papers

íP      The Lingering of Gradients: How to Reuse Gradients over Time.
with Zeyuan Allen-Zhu and David Simchi-Levi.
(A short version appeared in NIPS 2018)

íP      Inventory Balancing with Online Learning.
with Wang Chi Cheung, Will Ma and David Simchi-Levi.


Papers under Review/Revision

íP      Prophet Inequality with Correlated Arrival Probabilities, with Application to Two Sided Matchings. [manuscript]
with Van-Anh Truong.

íP      Dynamic Optimization of Mobile Push Advertising Campaigns. [manuscript]
with Van-Anh Truong, Shenghuo Zhu and Qiong Zhang.

íP      Advance Service Reservations with Heterogeneous Customers. [manuscript]
with Clifford Stein and Van-Anh Truong.
(minor revision in Management Science)

íP      Approximation Algorithms for Product Framing and Pricing. [manuscript]
with Guillermo Gallego, Anran Li and Van-Anh Truong.
(minor revision in Operations Research)

íP      Online Advance Admission Scheduling for Services, with Customer Preferences. [manuscript]
with David Bank and Van-Anh Truong.

íP      Integrated Scheduling and Capacity Planning with Considerations for PatientsíŽ Length-of-Stays.
Brett Anderson, Nan Liu and Van-Anh Truong.
(minor revision in Production and Operations Management)


Published and Accepted Journal Papers

íP      Wang, Xinshang, Van-Anh Truong. 2018. Multi-priority online scheduling with cancellations. Operations Research 66(1) 104-122. [link]

íP      Levi, Retsef, Robin Roundy, Van Anh Truong, Xinshang Wang. 2017. Provably near-optimal balancing policies for multi-echelon stochastic inventory control models. Mathematics of Operations Research 42(1) 256-276. [link]