Stochastic Modeling

  • DROM 9119B Foundations of Stochastic Modeling (DRO PhD's core), Instructor: Assaf Zeevi

  • MATH 6151GR Analysis and Probability (Mathematics PhD's core), Instructor: Ioannis Karatzas

  • IEOR 6711E Stochastic Modeling - I (IEOR PhD's core), Instructor: Jose Blanchet

  • IEOR 6712E Stochastic Modeling - II (IEOR PhD's core), Instructor: David Yao

  • IEOR 8100E Stochastic Inventory Theory (IEOR PhD's selective), Instructor: Martin Reiman

  • IEOR 8100E Queueing Theory (IEOR PhD's selective), Instructor: Ward Whitt

  • IEOR 4106E Stochastic Models (IEOR Master's core), Instructor: Karl Sigman

  • IEOR 4404E Simulation (IEOR Master's core), Instructor: Karl Sigman

Optimization Theory

  • EEOR 6616E Convex Optimization (IEOR PhD's selective), Instructor: Garud Iyenger

  • DROM 9120B Dynamic Programming (DRO PhD's selective), Instructor: Awi Federgruen

  • DROM 9118B Foundations of Optimization (DRO PhD's core), Instructor: Jacob Leshno

  • IEOR 6613E Optimization - I (IEOR PhD's core), Instructor: Donald Goldfarb

  • IEOR 6614E Optimization - II (IEOR PhD's core), Instructor: Yuri Faenza

  • DROM 9130B Optimization in Practice (DRO PhD's selective), Instructor: Nelson Maculan

  • IEOR 4572E Non-linear Optimization (IEOR Master's selective), Instructor: Donald Goldfarb

  • IEOR 4600E Applied Integer Programming (IEOR Master's selective), Instructor: Nelson Maculan

  • IEOR 4004E Optimization Models and Methods (IEOR Master's core), Instructor: Yuri Faenza

Statistics & Machine Learning

  • CSOR 4231W Analysis of Algorithm (IEOR Master's selective), Instructor: Cliff Stein

  • COMS 4771 Machine Learning (CS Master's selective)

  • DROM 9122B Computing for Business Research (DRO PhD's selective), Instructor: Kriste Krstovski

  • IEOR 6617 Machine Learning and High-Dimensional Data (IEOR PhD's selective), Instructor: Krzysztof Choromanski

  • STAT 6101 Applied Statistics I (STAT PhD's core), Instructor: Cynthia Rush

  • IEOR 8100 Statistical Method for Simulation and Optimization (IEOR PhD's selective), Instructor: Henry Lam

Operations Management

  • IEOR 8100 Prescriptive Analytics (IEOR PhD's selective), Instructor: Adam Elmachtoub

  • DROM 9139 Topics in Game Theory (DRO PhD's selective), Instructor: Dov Samet

Applied Mathematics (selected)

  • Mathematical Analysis I, II and III (Undergraduate)

  • Linear Algebra I and II (Undergraduate)

  • Real Analysis and Complex Analsis (Undergraduate)

  • Partial Differential Equations (Theory and Numerics) (Undergraduate)

  • Differential Geometry (Undergraduate)

  • Algebra Topology (Undergraduate)

  • Function Analysis (Undergraduate)

  • APMA 4150E Applied Functional Analysis (Applied Math PhD's core), Instructor: Guillaume Bal

  • APMA 4204E Functions of A Complex Variable (Applied Math PhD's core), Instructor: Guillaume Bal