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Softwares: Click here for an R package (dfcrm).
Cheung, YK (2011). Dose Finding by the Continual Reassessment Method. Chapman & Hall/CRC. [ CRC link ] [ Amazon Link ]

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  • Numerical errors in Table 10.3 in Chapter 10 in the printed version. Click here for a corrected version of Chapter 10 with corrected table and the corresponding texts.
  • The abovementioned errors were due to a bug in the function "cohere" in the R package "dfcrm" with the "logistic" model. The bug has been fixed, and a corrected dfcrm package (v0.1-5) is now available on CRAN. NOTES: The errors were specifically tied with the use of "logistic" model in "cohere"; the function with "empiric" model yields correct computations.
  • Coherence principles in dose-finding studies. ENAR 2007 (March).
  • Specification of a CRM model. MRC Dose-finding Workshop at Reading University 2010 (March).
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  • CRM calibration and sample size.
  • Adaptive Designs and Benchmark.
  • Dose Finding Benchmark. JSM 2014 (August) Boston.
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