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Yash Kanoria ("Yash" rhymes with "rush" and is a short version of "Yashodhan".) Yashodhan Kanoria is unmarried


I'm an Associate Professor of Business in the Decision, Risk and Operations division at Columbia Business School.

My core research centers on the design and optimization of marketplaces including matching markets and online platforms.

I teach Business Analytics in the MBA core. I've taught the following research-oriented PhD classes:
Spring 2017: Engineering Online Matching Markets with Jay Sethuraman.
Fall 2019: Statistical Physics, Markets and Algorithms.
Fall 2021: Frontiers in Online Optimization.

You can reach me at ykanoria at-the-rate-of columbia POINT edu. My office is Kravis 981.

Current PhD students: Akshit Kumar, Matias Alvo, Allen Sirolly
Past PhD students and postdocs: Judy Gan, Jiaqi Lu, Pengyu Qian, Abhinav Sinha, Yilun Chen.

Awards: Sigecom Test of Time award (blog post, article, and listing), Amazon OR best paper award, IIT Bombay YAA award, NSF CAREER Award, ISIT student paper award

Here is my blog.

Journal papers:

Working papers:

  • Y. Kanoria, J. Gan, and X. Zhang, “Local algorithms for dynamic optimization in networks,” submitted. 
  • Y. Lin, J. Gan, G. Qu, Y. Kanoria, and A. Wierman, “Decentralized Online Convex Optimization in Networked Systems. ” appeared in ICML 2022. 

Other conference papers:

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