A collaborative learning community
for international students to improve intercultural competency
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Inter-cultural competence (ICC) is an essential component of the 21st century skills, which is required to survive in a global community. For international students, lack of ICC could cause big trouble in daily lives,such as having a sense of alienation,unable to work in a multicultural team, and unable to communicate effectively in daily life,etc.


Our solution is creating an online collaborative learning community, which will provide tailored scaffolding and holistic learning experiences to the users.

→ Gamify the learning experience to improve learner engagement and to support them grow from ICC novice to ICC expert.
→ Create transformative experiential learning space, therefore, learners could learn by experiencing, learn by reflecting, learn by thinking, and learn by doing.
→ Organize five major types of learning content, including Quests, Challenges, Topics, Events and Resources in a multimedia learning space.


Registration (Profile Page) → Questionnaire → Browsing current topics and events → Interact with other users → generate more content → leveling up even to be potential experts Detailed website could be seen here.

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