Sorting Hat

An interactive and immersive experience of Harry Potter Sorting Hat.


Sorting Hat is a project which aims to bring magical experience in Harry Potter into real life. It tries to reconstruct the traditional 2D and linear storytelling experience to 3D and interactive experience.


I first experimented the hat with Makey Makey and explored how the hat could interact with people. Then I decided to connect the hat with Scratch. I programmed with Scratch to make the hat could tell people which school they could enter after wearing the hat.


I conducted a user testing on my classmates. Users first entered a dark room and wore a Google Cardboard to get into the situation, then wore the Sorting Hat connected with Makey Makey and programmed in Scratch. The hat would tell the user which house they were enrolled. I tried to program the wand part in Processing so that user could draw with flashlight on the wall, however, this part did not work very well.More immersive environment needed to be created and the users' cognitive path also needed to be further studied.

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