Xiao received a K99/R00 award from NIH! She proposed to develop new statistical and computational methods to improve interpretation of genetic variants in human genetics studies and clinical diagnosis. Congratulations Xiao!

This week, 1st year DBMI PhD students Annie Choi and Vinay Swamy both started rotation in our lab. Welcome Annie and Vinay!

Alex successfully defended his PhD thesis today. Congratulations Dr. Kitaygorodsky!

Nov 2020

1st year DBMI PhD student Alex Fu started a rotation in our lab. Alex is interested in genetics of noncoding variants and machine learning. He is an avid emacs user. Welcome Alex!

Sep 2020

April Shu joined our team as a postdoc fellow. Welcome April!

Sep 2020

Joseph Obiajulu joined our team as a bioinformatics analyst. Welcome Joseph!

Aug 2020

Guojie (PhD student in the Integrated/DSB program) has formally joined our lab. Welcome back Guojie!

Jun 2020

Rising college student Sid Bejugama started a summer research project with us. Sid is going to Princeton this fall. For the summer, he will work on prediction of TCR-antigen specificity using machine learning and biophysics. Welcome Sid!