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Current Lab Members

Yufeng Shen, PhD
Principal Investigator

Boris Grinshpun
PhD student (DSB)

Elise Flynn
Rotation PhD student (DSB)

Xinwei Han, PhD
Associate Research Scientist

Alexander Hsieh
PhD student (DBMI)

Alexander Kitaygorodsky
PhD student (DBMI)

Wenji Ma, PhD

Hongjian Qi
PhD student (Applied Physics)

Haoquan Zhao, PhD
Rotation PhD student (DBMI)

Na Zhu, PhD




Undergraduate and Master Students




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Previous Rotation Students

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Open Positions

Postdoc fellows

Please contact Yufeng for details. Our collaborator Dr. Wendy Chung's group has multiple open positions. The positions focusing on computational biology will be jointly appointed in Chung and Shen labs.

Graduate students

Interested prospective students should contact me for details. Graduate students may join the lab through either C2B2 Graduate Program or Department of Biomedical Informatics PhD program.

Undergraduates or master students

If you are an undergraduate or master student interested in gaining research experience to prepare for graduate schools, please contact me directly to discuss possible projects. Students with good programming skills or mathematical background are particularly encouraged to apply.