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Zhenrui Liao


I am a third-year student in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. My interests are in Signal Processing, Machine Learning, and Neuroscience. I am currently working on unifying these interests by pursuing a combined BS/MS degree in Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in Systems Biology and Neuroengineering.

From a young age, I have been interested in how things worked, and perhaps less innocently, what happened to them when they were broken. It is this interest that led me to both electrical engineering and the biological sciences. After my undergraduate, I hope to pursue an MD-PhD in Computational Neuroscience, in order to apply the computational and analytical methods of electrical engineering, including information theory and control theory, to study learningand neural networks, both as it applies to biological brains and neuroscience, and as it applies to artificial neural networks and machine learning.



Teaching / Tutoring

I enjoy teaching and tutoring and have over five years' experience mentoring students at the high school level and beyond.

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When not working or tutoring, I enjoy cooking, learning languages, and taking walks down Broadway. I am affiliated (to varying degrees) with a variety of organizations at Columbia, including:

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