Past Event

Assessing Teaching & Learning Seminar Kickoff (for Grad Students)

May 16, 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

The Assessing Teaching & Learning Seminar (ATLS) is an online seminar offered by the CTL to help participants create a plan to assess teaching and student learning in the classroom. Over the course of these four modules, participants gain an understanding of Teaching as Research (TaR) by defining an original research question and developing their own TaR project proposal, drawing on the support of an online community of peers and the instructor. Along the way they learn about relevant data collection and assessment tools, both quantitative and qualitative, and complete a methods and data analysis section. The seminar culminates in the presentation of fully developed TaR proposals.


The Assessing Teaching and Learning Seminar will run online from May 16 through June 30. While the seminar is running, modules will be activated and participants can work through them on their own schedule. The online kickoff meeting on Monday, May 16 at 1p ET will give an opportunity for participants to meet the facilitators and each other as they start the seminar.

Applications to participate in ATLS will open in April.

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