Past Event

Exploring the Power of Mindfulness with Rajiah Williams Leong

July 22, 2021
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Online Event

ERM Mindfulness is an online program designed with positive psychology insights and neuroscience research to help participants to experience the present moment with increased acceptance, nurturing curiosity and promoting collaboration.

Our minds have a natural tendency to wander. Now with the challenges that come from increased time spent at home and away from in-person activities, we have an opportunity to develop a greater sense of wellbeing and interconnectedness by training our minds to become more aware and less judgmental.

By cultivating awareness of emotions while reinforcing positive values and goals, students will have an opportunity to practice mindful listening and meditation in 3 sections:

  1. Clarity: focused attention and open monitoring guided meditations
  2. Compassion: active listening and self-compassion for collaboration
  3. Creativity: leadership communication and visualization


Session Dates

Sessions run from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EST on the following Thursday mornings:

May 13 - Clarity: The Science

The science behind mindfulness and how practicing focused attention and open monitoring meditations can promote clarity, emotion regulation and decision making.

May 20 - Clarity: Mind & Body

We will practice noticing how the breath, heartbeat, and bodily sensations are tools to help us connect our minds and bodies.

May 27 - Clarity: Everyday Awareness

Taking notice of each moment and everyday situations are opportunities to become more aware of your emotions and intentions.

June 10 - Compassion: The Science

The science behind the power of kindness and how self-compassion increases resilience as an active, prosocial skill promoting motivation and good health.

June 17 - Compassion: Building Self-Compassion

We will explore the concepts behind non-judgmental awareness to increase our capacity to accept challenges as opportunities.

July 1 - Compassion: Positive Intentions

Building on our compassion toolbox, we will practice meditations for expressing positive intentions and increasing our ability to relate to ourselves and those around us.

July 8 - Creativity: The Science

By developing new ways to turn on the brain’s frontal lobe, the brain’s creative center, we will explore how to harness our awareness of our intentions to create a positive vision of the future.

July 15 - Creativity: Building a Creative Mind

Mindfulness meditations to help improve creativity and prepare you to solve challenges in new and creative ways.

July 22 - Creativity: Intentional Vocabulary

We will explore the words and phrases proven to lower anxiety and increase happiness and empathy, to support us towards our goals and motivations.

July 29 - Recap

All concepts will be revisited and participants will have an opportunity to share their insights and favorite practices.


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