Past Event

Moment of Pause

October 13, 2021
12:00 PM - 12:05 PM

Every Wednesday in October at 12:00PM
Join the livestream on @columbiahealth on Instagram or @SVR.Columbia on Facebook

In light of the continued challenges we face due to COVID-19 that have exacerbated social and economic difficulties, we are inviting the entire Columbia community to take a collective moment of pause every Wednesday at noon throughout the month of October.

This pause is intended to create a space to honor survivors, especially at a time where there has been a rise in relationship abuse, but also to grieve what we have lost, acknowledge the changes we have seen and experienced, and reflect on the ways we continue to adapt to the various ways this moment has informed our current ways of being.

If there is another moment more convenient for you to pause or another way you choose to reflect on this issue, we hope you will still join us in energy and thoughts.

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