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Are we alive or dead if the brain is functioning organically but we are comatose? If we are depressed on a bright, beautiful day, is it because our body's chemistry is out of kilter, or are we warped in the soul? Is the heartsickness of unrequited love a result of an unsatisfied emotional longing or a temporary chemical imbalance in the endocrine system? Do we contemplate, and perhaps commit, suicide because some devil has possessed us or because a molecular malfunction has occurred in our genes?

Mapping the intersections of being: the science of mind, brain, and memory
by Herbert Pardes, M.D.
Drug mechanisms and brain function: the antipsychotic experience
by Jack M. Gorman, M.D.
Where do we stand with Alzheimer's disease?
by Carol Blaney
Multiple memory systems
by Lynn A. Cooper
Overtures to a new discipline: neuromusicology
by Stephen Hart
Cults and mind manipulation: pathology or path of righteousness?
by Lynn Christensen and Lewis E. Marshall
A progress report on the Decade of the Brain
by John M. Oldham
A Center at Columbia on Mind, Brain, and Memory
by Eric Kandel

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