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Querying Governor Log Files

Each governor daemon writes to its own log file. You can use db2govlg utility to query the log file. You can list the log files for a single partition, or for all database partitions, sorted by date and time. You can also query on the basis of the RecType log field. The syntax for db2govlg is as follows:

Figure 59. Syntax for db2govlg


The parameters are as follows:

The base name of the log file (or files) that you want to query.

The database that the governor is monitoring.

 nodenum  node-num
The node number of the database partition on which the governor is running.

 rectype  record-type
The type of record that you want to query. The record types are:

There are no authorization restrictions for using this utility. This allows all users to query whether the governor has affected their application. If you want to restrict access to this utility, you can change the group permissions for the db2govlg file.

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