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How Data Is Redistributed in Tables

When doing data redistribution on a table, the utility does the following:

  1. Locks the row for the table in the SYSTABLES catalog table.

  2. Invalidates all packages that involve this table. The partitioning map ID associated with the table will change because the table is being redistributed. Because the packages are invalidated, the compiler must obtain the new partitioning information for the table and generate packages accordingly.

  3. Locks the table in exclusive mode.

  4. Redistributes the data in the table via DELETEs and INSERTs.

  5. If the redistribution operation succeeds, it:

    1. Issues a COMMIT for the table.

    2. Continues with the next table in the nodegroup.

    If the operation fails before the table is fully redistributed, the utility:

    1. Issues a ROLLBACK on updates to the table.

    2. Ends the entire redistribution operation and returns an error.

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