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Tuning Configuration Parameters

The disk space and memory allocated by the database manager on the basis of default values of the parameters may be sufficient to meet your needs in some situations, however, you may not be able to achieve maximum performance using these default values.

Since the default values are oriented towards machines with relatively small memory and dedicated as database servers, you may need to modify them if your environment has:

Each transaction processing environment is unique in one or more aspects. These differences can have a profound impact on the performance of the database manager when using the default configuration. For this reason, you are strongly advised to tune your configuration for your environment.

Different types of applications and users have different response time requirements and expectations. Applications could range from simple data entry screens to strategic applications involving dozens of complex SQL statements accessing dozens of tables per unit of work. For example, response time requirements could vary considerably in a telephone customer service application versus a batch report generation application.

The other related topics can be used to help you benchmark your application to tune the configuration parameters:

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