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Maintaining the MSCS System

When you run the DB2MSCS utility, it creates the infrastructure for failover support for all machines in the MSCS cluster. To remove support from a machine, use the db2iclus command with the drop option. To re-enable support for a machine, use the add option.

The command syntax is as follows:

              '-drop-' '-/i:--instance_name--'


Enables failover support on the machine by adding it to an MSCS cluster. The DB2 resource (database server) can then fail over to this machine.

Removes failover support from the machine by dropping it from an MSCS cluster.

/i: instance_name
Is the name of the instance. (This parameter overrides the setting of the DB2INSTANCE environment variable.)

/u: account_name, password
Is the domain account used as the logon account name of the DB2 Service. For example:

This parameter is only required with the add parameter.

Is the computer name of the machine that you want to add to, or drop from, an MSCS cluster. You must specify this option if you run the command from a machine other than the one for which you are modifying failover support.

/c: cluster_name
Is the name of the MSCS cluster as it is known on the LAN. This name is specified when the MSCS cluster is first created.

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