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Appendix C. Incompatibilities Between Releases

This appendix identifies the incompatibilities that exist between DB2 Universal Database and previous releases of DB2.

An "incompatibility" is defined to be a part of DB2 Universal Database that works differently than it did in a previous release of DB2 in such a way that if it used in an existing application it will produce a different result, necessitate a change to the application, or reduce performance. In this definition, "application" can apply to a broad range of things, such as:

This appendix does not describe incompatibilities where certain operations in the current release are less likely to generate an error condition than they did in the previous release, as those changes will only have a positive impact on existing applications.

This appendix lists incompatibilities in the following categories:

Each incompatibility includes a description of the change in DB2 Version 5 that causes an incompatibility with previous releases, the symptom or effect this will have on your environment if no changes are made to it, and the possible resolutions that are available. There is also an indicator at the beginning of each incompatibility telling you what platforms are applicable as follows:

DB2 Parallel Edition, Version 1.2


Unix-based operating systems supported by DB2

Microsoft Windows platforms supported by DB2

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