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User IDs and Passwords

When creating a user ID or password, the name you create:

Note:You may be required to perform password maintenance tasks. Since such tasks are required at the server, and many of the users are not able or comfortable working with the server environment, carrying these tasks can pose a significant challenge. DB2 UDB provides a way to update and verify passwords without having to be at the server. For example, DB2 for OS/390 Version 5 supports this method of changing a user's password. If an error message SQL1404N "Password expired" is received, then to change the password use the CONNECT statement as follows:
   CONNECT TO <database> USER <userid> USING
      <password> NEW <new_password>
      VERIFY <new_password>
The "Password change" dialogue of the DB2 Client Configuration Assistant (CCA) may also be used to make a change to the password. See the SQL Reference and the CCA online help for further information on these methods to change the password.

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