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CATALOG and ATTACH Commands, and the CONNECT Statement

DCE information needs to be specified in the following commands:


Use the CATALOG GLOBAL DATABASE command when the client and server have a different path name, or when the database name contains more than 8 characters or mixed case characters. The database administrator enters the DCE name of the database and directory type DCE.

For example:

CONNECT Statement

To retrieve the appropriate DCE directory object, the client must know the fully-qualified DCE name of the database or the DBMS instance. Some of the methods of specifying the name in the CONNECT statement follow.

In this case, the path name specified at the client must be the same as the path name specified at the server. (The path name is specified by the dir_path_name configuration parameter or the corresponding registry value.)

ATTACH Command

The effective path name of the client must be the same as the path name of the target DBMS instance.

If the dir_path_name is the same for client and server (for example, /.../CELL_TORONTO/subsys/database/) and the dir_obj_name at the database server is AIX_INST, the command to attach to the instance is:


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