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Getting a Partitioning Map with db2gpmap

If you have already set up a database and defined the nodegroups for it, the db2gpmap tool gets the partitioning map for the database table or the nodegroup from the catalog partitioned database server.

When running db2gpmap, you must set the $DB2DBDFT environment variable to correspond to the database that you want to access, or use the command line options to override $DB2DBDFT.

For additional information, issue the following command:

  db2gpmap -h

The db2gpmap program is used in the following way:

   db2gpmap [option ( parameter )]

The options can be one or more of the following:

database name (default is sample)

map filename (default is

nodegroup name (default is IBMDEFAULTGROUP)

table name

help message

Before using db2gpmap the database manager must be started and the db2gpmap.bnd must be bound to the database. If not already bound to the database before you use this program, the program will attempt to bind the file on its own.

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