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Appendix Q. Issuing Commands to Multiple Database Partition Servers

In a partitioned database system, you may want to issue commands to be run on machines in the instance, or on database partition servers (nodes). You can do so using the rah command or the db2_all command. The rah command allows you to issue commands that you want to run at machines in the instance. If you want the commands to run at database partition servers in the instance, you run the db2_all command. This section provides an overview of these commands. The information that follows applies to partitioned database systems only.


  1. On UNIX-based platforms, your login shell can be a Korn shell or any other shell; however, there are differences in the way the different shells handle commands containing special characters.

  2. On Windows NT, to run the rah command or the db2_all command, you must be logged on with a user account that is a member of the Administrators group.

To determine the scope of a command, refer to the Command Reference. This book indicates whether a command runs on a single database partition server, or on all of them. If the command runs on one database partition server and you want it to run on all of them, use db2_all. The exception is the db2trc command, which runs on all the logical nodes (database partition servers) on a machine. If you want to run db2trc on all logical nodes on all machines, use rah.

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