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A Sample Scenario with Server Authentication:

  1. Abdul logs on to the TDC2 domain (that is, he is known in the TDC2 SAM database).

  2. Abdul then connects to a DB2 database that is cataloged to reside on SRV3:
       db2 connect to remotedb user Abdul using fredpw

  3. SRV3 determines where Abdul is known. The API that is used to find this information first searches the local machine (SRV3) and then the domain controller (DC1) before trying any trusted domains. Username Abdul is found on TDC2. This search order requires a single namespace for users and groups.

  4. SRV3 then:

    1. Validates the username and password with TDC2.

    2. Finds out whether Abdul is an administrator by asking TDC2.

    3. Enumerates all Abdul's groups by asking TDC2.

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