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Appendix V. Contacting IBM

This section lists ways you can get more information from IBM.

If you have a technical problem, please take the time to review and carry out the actions suggested by the Troubleshooting Guide before contacting DB2 Customer Support. Depending on the nature of your problem or concern, this guide will suggest information you can gather to help us to serve you better.

For information or to order any of the DB2 Universal Database products contact an IBM representative at a local branch office or contact any authorized IBM software remarketer.


If you live in the U.S.A., call one of the following numbers:

For information on how to contact IBM outside of the United States, see Appendix A of the IBM Software Support Handbook. You can access this document by accessing the following page:

then performing a search using the keyword "handbook".

Note that in some countries, IBM-authorized dealers should contact their dealer support structure instead of the IBM Support Center.

World Wide Web

The DB2 World Wide Web pages provide current DB2 information about news, product descriptions, education schedules, and more. The DB2 Product and Service Technical Library provides access to frequently asked questions, fixes, books, and up-to-date DB2 technical information. (Note that this information may be in English only.)

Anonymous FTP Sites

Log on as anonymous. In the directory /ps/products/db2, you can find demos, fixes, information, and tools concerning DB2 and many related products.

Internet Newsgroups, bit.listserv.db2-l

These newsgroups are available for users to discuss their experiences with DB2 products.

GO IBMDB2 to access the IBM DB2 Family forums

All DB2 products are supported through these forums.

To find out about the IBM Professional Certification Program for DB2 Universal Database, go to

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