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Tasks and Required Authorizations

Not all organizations divide job responsibilities in the same manner. Table 22 lists some other common job titles, the tasks that usually accompany them, and the authorities or privileges that are needed to carry out those tasks.

Table 22. Common Job Titles, Tasks, and Required Authorization
Department Administrator Oversees the departmental system; creates databases SYSCTRL authority. SYSADM authority if the department has its own instance.
Security Administrator Authorizes other users for some or all authorizations and privileges SYSADM or DBADM authority.
Database Administrator Designs, develops, operates, safeguards, and maintains one or more databases DBADM and SYSMAINT authority over one or more databases. SYSCTRL authority in some cases.
System Operator Monitors the database and carries out backup functions SYSMAINT authority.
Application Programmer Develops and tests the database manager application programs; may also create tables of test data BINDADD, BIND on an existing package, CONNECT and CREATETAB on one or more databases, some specific schema privileges, and a list of privileges on some tables.
User Analyst Defines the data requirements for an application program by examining the system catalog views SELECT on the catalog views; CONNECT on one or more databases.
Program End User Executes an application program EXECUTE on the package; CONNECT on one or more databases. See the note following this table.
Information Center Consultant Defines the data requirements for a query user; provides the data by creating tables and views and by granting access to database objects DBADM authority over one or more databases.
Query User Issues SQL statements to retrieve, add, delete, or change data; may save results as tables CONNECT on one or more databases; CREATEIN on the schema of the tables and views being created; and, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE on some tables and views.

If an application program contains dynamic SQL statements, the Program End User may need other privileges in addition to EXECUTE and CONNECT (such as SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE).

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