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Audit Facility Messages

SQL1322N An error occurred when writing to the audit log file.

Explanation: The DB2 audit facility encountered an error when invoked to record an audit event to the audit log file. There is no space on the file system where the audit log resides.

User Response: The system administrator should free up space on this file system or prune the audit log to reduce its size.

When more space is available, use db2audit to flush out any data in memory, and to reset the auditor to a ready state. Ensure that appropriate extracts have occurred, or a copy of the log has been made before pruning the log, as deleted records are not recoverable.

sqlcode: 1322

sqlstate: 50030

SQL1323N An error occurred when accessing the audit configuration file.

Explanation: The audit configuration file (db2audit.cfg) could not be opened, or was invalid. Possible reasons for this error are that the db2audit.cfg file either does not exist, or has been damaged.

User Response: Take one of the following actions:

sqlcode: 1323

sqlstate: 57019

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