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Chapter 9. Using DB2 with an XA-Compliant Transaction Manager

You may want to use your databases with an XA-compliant transaction manager if you have resources other than DB2 databases that you want to participate in a two-phase commit transaction. If your transactions only access DB2 databases, you should use the DB2 transaction manager as described in "Updating Multiple Databases".

The following topics are provided to assist you in using the database manager with an XA-compliant transaction manager such as IBM TXSeries CICS, IBM TXSeries Encina, BEA Tuxedo, or Microsoft Transaction Server:

If you are using an XA-compliant transaction manager, or are implementing one, please search our technical support web site. The URL to the web site is:

Once there, choose "DB2 Universal Database". Then search the web site with keyword "XA" for the latest available information on XA-compliant transaction managers.

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