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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Welcome to DB2 Universal Database

This book describes how to install and use the basic functions of DB2 Universal Database Extended Enterprise Edition.

Part 1 gives an overview of DB2 Universal Database Extended Enterprise Edition.

Part 2 provides planning, installing, and basic configuration information for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition.

Part 3 describes how to install the DB2 Client Application Enabler on any supported operating system.

Part 4 provides information on configuring communications between DB2 servers and its clients.

Part 5 describes how to use DB2 Universal Database.

Part 6 describes how to perform advanced configuration tasks, such as performing administration tasks using the Client Configuration Assistant, and using the command line processor for setting up server communications. This part also describes deinstalling DB2 products.

Part 7 contains reference information and describes viewing, printing, and ordering manuals.

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