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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Chapter 23. Setting up Communications on the Server Using the Command Line Processor

This section describes how to configure your DB2 server to communicate with remote client workstations. Also described in this section are considerations when configuring the DB2 Administration Server for communications. The Control Center and the Discovery function of the Client Configuration Assistant are dependent on the Administration Server's protocol configuration.

Follow the instructions in this section if you deselected a detected communication protocol during the installation or, you have added a communication protocol to your network since running the DB2 setup program.


If you have installed the Control Center, you can use the Setup Communications function to configure an instance for communications; however, it cannot be used to set up communications for an Administration Server. The Control Center can be installed on OS/2 and Windows NT servers, or on OS/2, Windows 95, and Windows NT clients.

The Setup Communications function cannot update the APPC communications subsystem; however, it will update the required DB2 instance parameters on the server.

Go to Chapter 22. "Configuring Server Communications Using the Control Center" for more information.

For instructions on using the command line processor, see Chapter 20. "Entering DB2 Commands and SQL Statements". For a description of database naming rules, see Appendix F. "Naming Rules".

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