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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Step 5. Remove the Products

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You must stop all outstanding DB2 processes before removing the DB2 products.

The following steps describe how to remove DB2 products.

Remove DB2 Products on AIX Systems

You can remove the DB2 products on AIX using the SMIT interface as follows:

  1. Log in as root.

  2. Type smit install_remove to proceed directly to the Remove Software Products screen.

  3. Press F4 to display a list of the software to remove. Press F7 at some or all of the entries that have a prefix of db2_05_00.
    Note:For a detailed description of the software packages, see Appendix D. "Contents of the DB2 Products".

  4. Press Enter to start removing the DB2 products.

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You can also remove all DB2 Version 5 products on AIX, using the installp command with the de-install option:

   installp -u db2_05_00


Remove DB2 Products on Solaris Systems

You can remove the DB2 products on the Solaris operating system using the pkgrm program as follows:

  1. Log in as root.

  2. Determine the packages for all DB2 for Solaris related products you have installed on your system by typing:
       pkginfo | grep -i db2 | grep 50

  3. Remove all packages listed in step 2 with the pkgrm command.

  4. Select Yes at the prompt for each package to be removed.

    Before removing a package, all its dependent packages must be removed first. You must remove packages in the following order:

    1. db2ht%L50
    2. db2ms%L50
    3. db2adts50
    4. db2adt50
    5. db2cent50
    6. db2entp50
    7. db2wkgp50
    8. db2cnvt50
    9. db2cnvc50
    10. db2cnvk50
    11. db2cnvj50
    12. db2smpl50
    13. db2repl50
    14. db2conn50
    15. db2das50
    16. db2cipx50
    17. db2cdrd50
    18. db2csna50
    19. db2crte50
    20. db2engn50
    21. db2rte50
    22. db2jdbc50
    23. db2odbc50
    24. db2cliv50

    Where %L is the language/locale identifier
    Note:See Appendix D. "Contents of the DB2 Products" for a list of packages for Solaris.

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