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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Viewing Online Books

The manuals included with this product are in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) softcopy format. Softcopy format enables you to search or browse the information more easily, using hypertext links for related information. It also makes it easier to share the library across your site.

Although you can use any HTML Version 3.2-compliant browser to view the online books, a copy of the Netscape browser is available on the Portfolio CD-ROM provided with DB2 Universal Database Version 5; you can optionally install it on your system.

Installing the Netscape Browser

If you do not have an HTML Version 3.2-compliant browser installed on your system, you can install the Netscape browser from the Portfolio CD-ROM.

To install Netscape, use the following instructions:

  1. Mount the Portfolio CD-ROM.

  2. Refer to the README.TXT file located at the root directory of the CD-ROM for installation instructions.

The README.TXT file also contains information about the products.

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