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Solstice HA 1.3 Components

Solstice HA 1.3 consists of the following components and resources:

Physical machine
A Solstice HA 1.3 cluster consists of two physical machines. Each physical machine has one primary network interface, one or two logical network interfaces, a set of shared disks, and a disk for the operating system.

Logical host
A logical host consists of the following resources:

Two logical hosts can exist in a Solstice HA cluster. They reside on the machines within the HA cluster. The following is an example of the layout for a logical host filesystem for Solstice HA 1.3 with DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition. The name of the logical host in this example is snap:

The logical host filesystem (needed for Solstice HA 1.3).

The place to put the HA instance home directory.

The place to put SMS filesystems.

Private network
Private networks are used for communicating between two nodes. Heartbeat messages as well as Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) travel over these networks to keep the two nodes in syncronous operation so that they can back up each other in the event of a failover.

Public networks
The public network includes all the primary and logical network interfaces and IP addresses. The logical network interfaces or logical hosts should be referred to when communicating with DB2 on the HA cluster.

Disk set
Disk sets contain one or more shared disks and a list of hosts which can access these disks. Only one host can own the disk sets for exclusive use at a time.

Figure 12 shows an example of the Solstice HA 1.3 components.

Figure 12. Solstice HA 1.3 Components

Solstice HA 1.3 Components

The following sections describe the different types of failover support, and how to implement them.

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