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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX


The following DB2 Universal Database components, packages, or filesets are available for installation:

Table 25. DB2 Components, Packages or Filesets
Description Fileset Name
DB2 for AIX DB2 for Solaris
DB2 Client db2_05_00.client db2cliv50
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) db2_05_00.odbc db2odbc50
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) db2_05_00.jdbc db2jdbc50
Administration Server db2_05_00.das db2das50
DB2 Run-time Environment db2_05_00.db2.rte db2rte50
DB2 Sample Database Source db2_05_00.db2.samples db2smpl50
DB2 Engine db2_05_00.db2.engn db2engn50
DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition Extentions db2_05_00.pext db2pext50
DB2 Replication db2_05_00.repl db2repl50
DB2 Connect db2_05_00.conn db2conn50
DB2 Communication Support - TCP/IP db2_05_00.cs.rte db2crte50
DB2 Communication Support - SNA db2_05_00.cs.sna db2csna50
DB2 Communication Support - DRDA Application Server db2_05_00.cs.drda db2cdrd50
DB2 Communication Support - IPX db2_05_00.cs.ipx db2cipx50
License Support of DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition db2_05_00.xsrv db2xsrv50
DB2 Application Development Tools (ADT) db2_05_00.adt.rte db2adt50
DB2 ADT Sample Programs db2_05_00.adt.samples db2adts50
Code Page Conversion Tables - Uni Code Support db2_05_00.cnvucs db2cucs50
Code Page Conversion Tables - Japanese db2cnvj50
Code Page Conversion Tables - Korean db2cnvk50
Code Page Conversion Tables - Simplified Chinese db2_05_00.conv.sch db2cnvc50
Code Page Conversion Tables - Traditional Chinese db2_05_00.conv.tch db2cnvt50
DB2 Product Messages - %L 1, 2 db2_05_00.msg.%L4 db2ms%L50
DB2 Product Document (HTML) - %L 1 db2_05_00.html.%L4 db2ht%L50


  1. %L in the fileset name represents the locale name. There is a separate fileset for each locale. For Solaris systems, abbreviated names are used for some of the locales.

  2. English messages are always installed.

  3. DB2 supports a number of locales. However, DB2 messages are not translated in every supported locale. For a complete list of DB2 supported locales, refer to the "National Language Support (NLS)" appendix in the Administration Guide.

  4. On AIX, DB2 Product Messages and Documentation are translated in several locales. However, not every message catalog or book is translated in every locale. The DB2 Product Messages and Documentation are translated into the following locales: bg_BG, cs_CZ, Da_DK, da_DK, De_DE, de_DE, En_US, en_US, Es_ES, es_ES, Fi_FI, fi_FI, Fr_FR, fr_FR, hu_HU, Ja_JP, ja_JP, ko_KR, No_NO, no_NO, pl_PL, pt_BR, ru_RU, sl_SI, Sv_SE, sv_SE, zh_CN, zh_TW, Zh_TW.

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