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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Code Page and Language Support for OS/2 and Windows Operating Environments

During installation of DB2, the country, codepage and regional settings are established. You can, however, change these settings after installing DB2. This includes changing regional settings such as code page, country language (for monetary, date, and numeric formatting) and time zone. When a new connection to a database is made, the database manager uses these new values.

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You must ensure that you install the DBCS (double-byte character set) version of DB2 on the corresponding DBCS version of the operating system. Also, note that DB2 national language support may not produce the expected results if the country, code page and regional settings are incorrect for the intended language.

Table 28 shows the languages into which the DB2 messages are translated.
Note:The code page values in the table that follows are also used as directory names on DB2 CD-ROMs. For example, a reference to x:\language\win16\install would be x:\EN\win16\install for English.

Table 28. Languages and Code Pages
Country Code Language Country Code Language
BG Bulgarian HU Hungarian
BR Brazilian Portuguese IL Hebrew
CN Simplified Chinese (PRC) IT Italian
CZ Czech JP Japanese
DE German KR Korean
DK Danish NO Norwegian
EN English PL Polish
ES Spanish RU Russian
FI Finnish SE Swedish
FR French SI Slovenian
GR Greek TW Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

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