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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Workstation Names (nname)

A workstation name are used to specify the NetBIOS name for a database server or database client that resides on the local workstation. This name is stored in the database manager configuration file. The workstation name is known as the workstation nname. When naming workstations, see "General Naming Rules".

In addition, the name you specify:

In an partitioned database system, there is still only one workstation nname that represents the entire partitioned database system, but each node has its own derived unique NetBIOS nname.

The workstation nname that represents the partitioned database system is stored in the instance-owning database partition server's database manager configuration file.

Each node's unique nname is a derived combination of the workstation nname and the node number.

For a node that does not own an instance, its NetBIOS nname is derived as follows:

  1. The first character of the instance-owning machine's workstation nname is used as the first character of the node's NetBIOS nname.

  2. The next 1 to 3 characters represent the node number. The range is from 1 to 999.

  3. The remaining characters are taken from instance-owning machine's workstation nname. The number of remaining characters depend on the length of the instance-owning machine's workstation nname. This number can be from 0 to 4.

For example:
Instance-Owning Machine's Workstation nname Node Number Derived Node NetBIOS nname
A 7 A7
B2 94 B942
N0076543 21 N216543
Note:If you have changed the default workstation nname during the installation, the workstation nname's last 4 characters should be unique across the NetBIOS network to minimize the chance of deriving a conflicting NetBIOS nname.

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