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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Fast Communication Manager

The fast communication manager (FCM) provides communication support for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition. It consists of:

Each database partition server has one FCM daemon to provide communications between database partition servers to handle agent requests, and to deliver message buffers.

You can specify the number of FCM message buffers with the fcm_num_buffers database manager configuration parameter. For a description of this and other FCM parameters, refer to the Administration Guide. The FCM daemon is started when you issue the db2start command. When the daemon starts, it reads the node configuration file (INSTHOME/sqllib/db2nodes.cfg) and defines a well-known address to use in communications.

If communications fail between database partition servers or if they re-establish communications, the FCM daemon updates information (that you can query with the database system monitor) and causes the appropriate action (such as the rollback of an affected transaction) to be performed. You can use the database system monitor to help you set the FCM configuration parameters. For information about FCM-related database system monitor output, refer to the System Monitor Guide and Reference.

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