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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Preparing to Install the DB2 Products

Before you install DB2 Universal Database products, it is important to know which products and components you must install and which are optional. "Selecting Products and Components" lists these DB2 products and their components.

Selecting Products and Components

Table 6 lists the DB2 products components that you can select to install on your system.

Table 6. Components for DB2 Products
Product / Component Description DB2 Universal Database Extended Enterprise Edition DB2 CAE
DB2 Client Application Enabler ** **
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support * *
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) support * *
Code Page Conversion Tables - Unicode Support ** *
Administration Server **  
DB2 Run-time Environment **  
DB2 Engine **  
DB2 Parallel Extensions **  
DB2 Connect **  
DB2 Sample Database Source **
Communication Support for DRDA Application Server **  
Communication Support for IPX/SPX **  
Communication Support for SNA **  
Communication Support for TCP/IP **  
Code Page Conversion Tables - Japanese *  
Code Page Conversion Tables - Korean *  
Code Page Conversion Tables - Simplified Chinese *  
Code Page Conversion Tables - Traditional Chinese *  
License Support for DB2 Universal Database Extended Enterprise Edition **  
DB2 Replication

DB2 Product Messages (non-English)1 o o
DB2 Product Library (HTML)1 o o

This is a required component that must be installed.

This is a recommended component that is installed by default. You can choose not to install this component.

This is an optional component that is not installed by default. If you want to install it, you must select it.
Note:There is a separate component of the DB2 Product Messages and the DB2 Product Library for each locale.

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