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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Installation Steps

To install DB2, perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare for installation.

  2. Install DB2. As part of this installation step, the following installation activities are optional:

    1. Install the DB2 product online documentation.

    2. Install the DB2 product translated messages.

  3. Enable the Fast Communication Manager (FCM).

  4. Create a DB2 instance.

  5. Create the node configuration file.

  6. Make DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition available.

  7. Create the Administration Server.

  8. Set up Discovery.

  9. Create links for DB2 files (optional).

  10. Set up the instance environment.

You can install DB2 using any of the following methods:

Using dsh
Allows you to simultaneously install DB2 on multiple RS/6000 SP nodes.

Using SMIT
Allows you to install a subset of products and filesets on a single machine. If you want to install only a selected set of DB2 filesets or components, see "Install Products or Filesets Using SMIT".

Installing software bundles using SMIT
A software bundle contains a list of filesets that are suited for a particular use. Installation, although easier with software bundles, only occurs on a single machine.

If you prefer to use the installp command, you must first mount the DB2 CD-ROM. You also need to mount the CD-ROM if you want to view the Installation Notes or print the postscript manuals prior to installation.

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