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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Step 11. Create Links for DB2 Files (Optional)

This step is optional and can be used to create links for the DB2 files to the /usr/lib directory, and for the include files to the /usr/include directory for a particular version and release level of the product.

You may want to create these links if you are developing or running applications and want to avoid having to specify the full path to the product libraries and include files.

You invoke the db2ln command as follows:


If there are existing links to the /usr/lib and /usr/include directories from previous versions of DB2, they will automatically be removed by executing the db2ln command to create links for this version of DB2. If you want to re-establish the links to the libraries or previous versions, then you must execute the db2rmln command from Version 5 before you execute the db2ln command from the previous versions of DB2.


Links can be established for only one version of DB2 on a given system.

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