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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Chapter 15. Configuring Client-to-Server Communications Using the Command Line Processor

This section describes how to use commands to configure a client workstation to communicate with a DB2 server using the command line processor.


If you are planning to use an OS/2, Windows 95, or Windows NT client for communications, the Client Configuration Assistant (CCA) makes it easy to automate the tasks of configuring and administering clients to communicate with servers. If you have installed the CCA, it is recommended that you use this utility to configure your clients for communications. See Chapter 14. "Configuring Client-to-Server Communications Using the CCA" for more information.

For instructions on using the command line processor, see Chapter 20. "Entering DB2 Commands and SQL Statements". For a description of database naming rules, see Appendix F. "Naming Rules".


Go to the communication protocol that you want your client to use to access a remote server.

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