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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Upgrading from a Try-and-Buy License

Try-and-Buy versions are available for some of the DB2 products. If you install a product originally as Try-and-Buy, you do not need to reinstall the same product to upgrade the license. Simply add the license from the DB2 CD-ROM that comes in the product box.
Note:Your Proof of Entitlement and License Information booklets identify the products for which you are licensed.

The following steps describe how to upgrade the license:

  1. Log in as root.

  2. Mount the CD-ROM, if required.

  3. Update your DB2 product license with the following command:
       DB2DIR/cfg/db2licinst license_filename

    where DB2DIR = /usr/lpp/db2_05_00 on AIX

    = /opt/IBMdb2/V5.0 on Solaris

    and license_filename is the full pathname for the license file that corresponds to the product you have purchased. The names of the license files for these products are:.

    DB2 Universal Database Extended Enterprise Edition for AIX

    DB2 Universal Database Extended Enterprise Edition for Solaris

    For example, if the CD-ROM is mounted in the /cdrom directory and the name of the license file is db2eent.lic, the command should be as follows:

    Note:The DB2 product license key can be found in the nodelock file, located as follows:
    • For AIX:
    • For Solaris:

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