Gibb Songs documents the songs and recordings of Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, and Maurice Gibb. It includes their complete works as the musical group the Bee Gees, and many other songs and recordings besides.

This is not an ‘official’ page authorized by them or their record company, and I have no special access to them. The information presented here is the best I could come up with from my research, and the opinions are mine. Some of the statements made are my best guess based on uncertain evidence.

One of the things I want to achieve here is to put the brothers’ music in its contemporary context and evaluate how well it succeeds both on a commercial level and as art. Pop music is so often knocked as a form by purists. There is no pure form of pop: pop is the music that blends all others into a great collage of almost unlimited potential. For its eclecticism pop is sometimes overlooked as a valid form in and of itself. Over the years since the Bee Gees started, the music business has shattered into small market segments in which only the pop music of hit songs finds a home. I think there is more to the pop form. I think there is worthwhile pop music on album cuts and B sides. That is where some of the best stuff is, mixtures a little too far out there for the singles market. In appreciating pop music we should ask more than how many units were shipped. We should ask how well it was done. Do the music and words and arrangement and performance and recording work together? I am sure the Gibb brothers have asked themselves that question for each record they have made. Whether you agree with my comments or not I hope they will raise some good points and add to an appreciation of Gibb songs.

Hint: put quote marks around a song title, like "angel of mercy"

SING AND PLAY 1963 1964 1965 — Wine and Women, I Was a Lover a Leader of Men
SPICKS AND SPECKS 1966 — Monday’s Rain, Spicks and Specks
BEE GEES’ FIRST 1967 — New York Mining Disaster 1941, To Love Somebody
HORIZONTAL 1967 1968 — Massachusetts, World, Words
IDEA 1968 — I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You, I Started a Joke
ODESSA 1968 1969 — First of May, Melody Fair
Robin Gibb : ROBIN’S REIGN 1969 1970— Saved by the Bell, One Million Years
CUCUMBER CASTLE 1969 1970— Don’t Forget to Remember, I O I O
2 YEARS ON 1970 1971 — Lonely Days, Lay It on Me
TRAFALGAR 1971 — How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Don’t Wanna Live Inside Myself
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN 1971 1972— My World, Run to Me, Alive
LIFE IN A TIN CAN 1972 1973— Saw a New Morning, Wouldn’t I Be Someone
MR NATURAL 1973 1974 — Mr Natural, Down the Road
MAIN COURSE 1975 — Jive Talkin’, Nights on Broadway
CHILDREN OF THE WORLD 1976 — You Should Be Dancing, Love So Right
Andy Gibb : FLOWING RIVERS 1976 1977 — I Just Want to Be Your Everything
live : HERE AT LAST 1977 — Edge of the Universe
soundtrack : SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 1977 — How Deep is Your Love, Stayin’ Alive
Andy Gibb : SHADOW DANCING 1977 1978 — Shadow Dancing, An Everlasting Love
SPIRITS HAVING FLOWN 1978 1979 — Too Much Heaven, Tragedy
Andy Gibb : AFTER DARK 1979 1980— Desire, I Can’t Help It
Jimmy Ruffin : SUNRISE 1979 1980— Hold On to My Love
Barbra Streisand : GUILTY 1979 1980— Woman in Love, Guilty
LIVING EYES 1981 — He’s a Liar, Living Eyes
Dionne Warwick : HEARTBREAKER 1982 — Heartbreaker, All the Love in the World
Robin Gibb : HOW OLD ARE YOU 1982 1983 — Juliet, Another Lonely Night in New York
soundtrack : STAYING ALIVE 1982 1983 — The Woman in You
Kenny Rogers : EYES THAT SEE IN THE DARK 1983 — Islands in the Stream
Robin Gibb : SECRET AGENT 1984 — Boys Do Fall in Love
Barry Gibb : NOW VOYAGER 1984 — Shine Shine, Fine Line
Diana Ross : EATEN ALIVE 1985 — Eaten Alive, Chain Reaction
Robin Gibb : WALLS HAVE EYES 1985 — Like a Fool, Toys
Carola : RUNAWAY 1986 — The Runaway, Brand New Heart
E S P 1986 1987 — You Win Again, E S P
soundtrack : HAWKS 1986 1987 1988 — Childhood Days
ONE 1988 1989 — Ordinary People, One
HIGH CIVILISATION 1990 1991 — Secret Love, When He’s Gone
soundtrack : THE BUNBURY TAILS 1986 1987 1988 1992 — We’re the Bunburys, Fight
SIZE ISN’T EVERYTHING 1992 1993 — Paying the Price of Love, For Whom the Bell Tolls
STILL WATERS 1994 1995 1996 1997 — Alone, I Could Not Love You More
live : ONE NIGHT ONLY 1998
THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN 1999 2000 2001 — This Is Where I Came In
Robin Gibb : MAGNET 2002 2003 — Please
Barbra Streisand : GUILTY PLEASURES 2004 2005 — Stranger in a Strange Land
live : Robin Gibb : LIVE 2005
Robin Gibb : THE TITANIC REQUIEM 2010 2011 2012
Robin Gibb : 50 ST CATHERINE’S DRIVE 2014
Robin Gibb : SAVED BY THE BELL 2015
Barry Gibb : IN THE NOW 2016
Barry Gibb : GREENFIELDS 2021