Friday, May 15

I'm setting up this blog on cunix, which I might someday integrate with this static site generator I'm working on very slowly: oblique

This week we had a few E-WORTH run-throughs, where the project manager, designers, and developers all get together and go through the entire application to make sure everything makes sense. The time we spent doing this felt very productive. Because we found so many issues and small changes to make with each piece of the application, it was more like a hack-a-thon than a runthrough.

Some of the remaining problems are things that I hope to find a way to integrate into Pagetree:

  1. Display participants' progress as a percentage instead of just complete/incomplete.
  2. There's a bug when calculating the participant's "Next, new session" (PMT #101095). This bug causes the next, new session be higher than expected, because I'm not differentiating between an "accessed" session, and a "completed" session.

The second issue here really came about because the WORTH code that calculates "current session/module", and participant progress is all pretty confusing, and is spread throughout three different places: in the Participant model, in the BaseUserProfile model, and in This was all created in a kind of ad-hoc, as-needed basis, with vague goals of generalizing this problem and putting it into Pagetree.

The central method here is Participant.highest_module_accessed. First of all, I'm not that confident that this method is always accurate. Also, I think it's poorly named, because it doesn't unambiguously convey what I'm trying to do here.

Overall, like I mentioned, I think these issues should be addressed in Pagetree. After I apply some quick fixes to WORTH, maybe with Susan's help, I want to think about some ways to represent these kinds of things in the Pagetree API.