RequireJS, jQuery, and Node.js

I'm working on some documentation for writing unit tests in JavaScript using our typical mix of RequireJS, jQuery, and Backbone. I ran into an annoying problem that I hadn't anticipated: loading jQuery via RequireJS in node isn't exactly straightforward. When I include jQuery in the list of my module's dependencies and run make mocha I get this error:

    module "jquery" failed with error:
    TypeError: Cannot call method 'createElement' of undefined

jQuery has been compatible with node.js for a while (see: [1], [2]), so I assume this has something to do with how I'm loading jQuery. It's being loaded with RequireJS instead of node's require().

So, this is one of the quirks I should've known I'd run into when I decided to test our front-end code in node.js instead of in a web browser. However, I may still be able to continue down this track. I could figure out why jQuery isn't being loaded here. Maybe it's some stupid thing I haven't thought of yet, or maybe it's possible to set up the requirejs config in test-runner.js to behave correctly when loading jQuery.

If I can't figure out how to include jQuery without a browser's DOM, I could try setting up a jsdom instance in the test runner. Really I just don't want to complicate things too much since the test runner is working alright now, and I don't want it to become fragile or hard to understand.