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CUIT supports University-wide information applications in a variety of ways, including:
  • Implementing systems
  • Providing technical staff and management to project teams
  • Providing IT strategic planning and application portfolio management
  • Providing application security management
  • Designing and maintaining enterprise technology architecture.
Each application we support has a data owner or custodian, usually a central University administrative department, such as the Controller's Office, which owns the financial data. The data owners determine who can access their applications.

The access request process for each application is slightly different. If you need to access these applications as part of your job, you will need a University Network ID (UNI) and in some cases a CUIT Administrative ID. In addition, some of the applications below require their own ID, which is administered by the application's data owners. You will also need authorization from the application's data owner. Below are brief descriptions of the applications we support and contact information for access permission. (Further technical descriptions of CUIT administrative applications are available online.)

Accounts Payable (AP/CAR)
Advance - Alumni Development
Departmental Advanced Tracking & Reporting (DARTS)
Data Warehouse Reporting (DWR)
Financial Accounting (FAS)
Financial Front End (FFE)
Labor Distribution (LDS)
OnBase (EDM)
People @ Columbia (PAC)
Purchasing (CAPS)
Research and Compliance (Rascal)
Projects Tracking (SPOTS)
Student Information (SIS)
Web Salary Accounting Forms (WebSAF)

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Accounts Payable/Controlled Analytical Review (AP/CAR)

Runs under Windows and allows authorized users to inquire about and enter departmental invoices at their own desktops, have them approved by authorized electronic signers, store them on the mainframe, and track their status through all phases of processing. CAR also provides entry and inquiry facilities on vendor information, 1099, and employee travel activities, as well as comprehensive reports. A CUIT Administrative ID is required. For more information go to the AP/CAR information web page or contact Procurement Systems at

AP/CAR includes OnBase, an integrated document imaging solution that allows you to send invoices to Accounts Payable electronically, view invoices and other documents online, and receive email notification of status changes and aging history.

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Advance - Alumni Development System

Advance is the new alumni and development system that enables the University alumni and development community to coordinate the process of identifying and managing relationships with prospects and donors. It provides the infrastructure necessary to sustain the accelerating evolution of the fund-raising presence in the University environment. For more information contact the Advance Help Line at 212-851-7933 or

If you are using Windows Vista:
Advance - Alumni Development - In order for the 'sync' to work you must select "Run this program as an administrator".

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Departmental Advanced Tracking & Reporting (DARTS)

DARTS is a web-based reporting application for financial data created by Medical Center application developers. Reports are generated from a special data warehouse system of enterprise financial data, called Data Mart. Access to DARTS is through FFE.  See FFE information below.

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Data Warehouse

Provides administrators with access to data extracted from the central University systems for analysis, decision support, and operational reporting. These central systems are:
  • Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • People @ Columbia (PAC)
  • Financial Accounting System (FAS)
  • Labor Distribution System (LDS)
  • Projects and Grants (SPOTS)
  • AP/CAR
  • Purchasing
Access is authorized by the data custodians for these systems. For more information see the Data Warehouse web site.

Please contact Susan St. John-Parsons in CUIT at 212-854-3298 or at for access to all information in the Data Warehouse systems, except SIS. For SIS-extracted data contact Elena Birenbaum in Student Information Systems at 212-854-8535 or send e-mail to

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Financial Accounting System (FAS)

Central record-keeping and management information system on income and expenditures for University funds of all types. Accounting information may be downloaded to user PCs to provide departments with monthly extracts (including general ledger, subsidiary ledger, and monthly transactions) for ad-hoc reporting. Online inquiry is available to departments with authorization from Ed Hamilton in the Controller's Office at 212-854-2085. A CUIT Administrative ID is required.

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Financial Front End (FFE)

For all departmental administrators, the system allows for the creation, approvals routing, and nightly transmission of edited financial data directly from the PC to the Financial Accounting System (FAS), Labor Distribution System (LDS), and the Purchasing System (CAPS). FEE data is automatically reconciled to FAS daily. Current financial data is available through various reports. For more information see the FFE information web page.

To obtain access to FFE, fill out the Combined DAF/FFE Application Form. Print out the form (be sure to obtain the required signatures). To avoid processing delays, please forward the form to the appropriate office:

Arts and Sciences applicants: to Audrey Rosenblatt, 105 Low Library, MC 4302 (212-854-6108).

Medical Center applicants: to Medical Center Business Office, 2-443, P&S (212-305-3597).

All others: to Office of the Controller, FFE Administrator, Mail Code 8738.

For more information send e-mail to:, or contact Ed Hamilton in the Controller's Office at 212-854-2085.

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Labor Distribution System (LDS)

Allocates salary expenses from Payroll to the appropriate accounts and reports this information to the Financial Accounting System. Limited access. PAD (Payroll Account Distribution) reports provide a summary of payroll charges for each area. PADs can also be sent electronically.  For more information, contact Frank Iovino in the Controller's Office at 212-851-2820. A CUIT Administrative ID is required.

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People @ Columbia (PAC)

This new Web-based system integrates human resources, benefits, and payroll systems. The system expands staff and managers' access to data, improves the University's hiring process, and ensures that we achieve up-to-date compliancy with government rules and regulations. Employees have the ability to update and/or view their personal human resources, paycheck, and benefits data via the web. A People@Columbia ID Application is required.

For Benefits information or access, contact Susana Kwan in Human Resources at or 212-851-2932.

For HR access, contact Jim Lindner in Human Resources at or 212-851-2922.

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Purchasing System (CAPS)

Provides online entry, control, distribution, and retrieval of purchase order information, as well as a variety of reports. Online inquiry is available to departments. For more information, contact Terry Park in the Purchasing Office at 212-854-7342 or A CUIT Administrative ID is required.

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Research and Compliance System (Rascal)

Rascal provides Web access to research information for the entire Columbia research community. Its components include Funding Opportunities, Processing Proposals, Conflict of Interest, CV Builder, Animal Care, Compliance Testing, Human Subjects. For more information, visit the Rascal Home Page, call the Rascal Help Line at 212-851-0213 or send e-mail to

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Sponsored Projects Tracking System (SPOTS)

This system, for the Offices of Projects and Grants/Grants and Contracts (OPG/GC), is being replaced. Very limited access. Contact Carol Tycko in the Office of Projects and Grants at 212-854-6857 or 212-305-2505. A CUIT Administrative ID is required.

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Student Information System (SIS)

Online, integrated system for admissions, student records (registration, grades, course/class, transcripts, certifications, degree audit), financial aid, student accounts, and housing. Web and/or telephone access provided to students for registration, grades, holds, course/class, account balance and check availability inquiry. Access is available to authorized users. For more information, send e-mail to or call the SIS Infoline at 212-854-2989. An SIS ID is required.

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Web Salary Accounting Forms (WebSAF)

WebSAF is a web-based application that allows for the creation, editing, approval routing, and nightly transmission of information for the account distribution on an employee's salary, Fellowship, Scholarship or Traineeship to the Labor Distribution System. WebSAF is part of the FFE application. Activity on the FFE database for WebSAF is transaction-based. All transactions are retained in history for future reference, as necessary. Access to WebSAF is through FFE. See FFE information above.