United States Presidential Election Results, 1912 - forwad

Principal Investigator(s): David Leip

Author: Dave Leip

RDS Study ID: 4085

Availability: Data files are restricted to current Columbia University affiliates.

voter turnout
presidential election
election results
election returns

The Pres_Election_Data Excel spreadsheet include following information

  • Candidates
    - candidate names and party ballot listing per state
  • National Summary
    - summarizes vote totals by state for each candidate
    - with boundary file information
  • Data by County
    - data for all counties of all states plus DC
    - with boundary file information
  • Data by Town
    - data for New England towns (ME, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH)
    - with boundary file information
  • Party
    - data sorted by strength at the state level for the major parties.
  • Statistics
    - page of statistics includes closest states, max, min, counties, etc.
  • Voter Turnout
    - voting age population data and voter turnout by state.

The state sheet and county sheet are also provided.

Three Excel files for precinct level election data 2020 in NY, MN and AZ.

Data are from the Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections website

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