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Starting in the summer of 2002, Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT) began a multi-year project to install switched 100 megabit per second Ethernet into all Morningside Heights University Apartment Housing buildings. This is the same high speed network found in on-campus residence halls, offices, and classrooms. This network is ten times faster than what is commercially available from broadband network service providers such as DSL or cable modem, is owned and operated by the University, and provides complete access to the unique network resources available on and off-campus via the University's multi-gigabit campus network and high speed Internet and Internet2 connections.

Technical support is provided by the same high-quality residential network consultants that currently support the on-campus Residence Halls.

Student Apartments

After a student apartment is vacated and prior to being occupied by the next tenant, it will be wired and connected to the network with one jack per student tenant. A mandatory network access fee of $29 per month will be included on the rent bill for the new tenant. Existing students will be afforded the option of requesting a jack at specific times when their building is being wired and will need to agree to a $29 per month addition to their rent bill. There is no installation fee; just the $29 monthly charge.

Faculty/Staff Apartments

Faculty and staff apartments will be connected only by request and will be subject to an ongoing fee of $40 per jack per month. Request a jack.

Installation Schedules

Click on the link for your street to find out more information about wiring schedules and special cases.

Please note that the building type reflects the primary group of tenants in the building. There are some primarily student buildings with some faculty and staff apartments and vice-versa.

Getting Connected

Once a network jack has been installed in your apartment, you can use our connection guides to connect to the network. Please note that you are required to have a computer that meets our support specifications.

Please also note that unlike in Residence Halls, setting up a personal wireless router is permitted in University Apartment Housing. CUIT provides a Wireless Router and Installation Package to tenants of Columbia University Housing. Keep in mind that you must have CUIT Ethernet installed in your apartment to be eligible for this service.

Getting Help

Support for networking issues in University Apartment Housing is provided by CUIT Client Services. Please visit our online support center for more information.

Project Updates
560 Riverside Drive is now online.

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