21stC: Issue 3.2
Special focus: The Future of the Written Word

Making sense of a permanent revolution:
an introduction

By the Editors
Special issue overview:
The things that change,
and the things that endure

By Tom Goldstein
The Dickensian Memex; or,
the 19th-century roots of hypertext

By Steven Johnson
Hypertext and the limits of interactivity
By Ursula K. Heise
New technology for old writing
By Roger Bagnall
Will online books have a role in our lives?
By Mary Summerfield
New media go to school
By Joan Lippert
Does the past have a future?
By G. Beato
The newspaper of the future
By Maury M. Breecher
Words and meaning in the age of images
By David Sterritt
Texts and artifacts in the electronic era
By G. Thomas Tanselle
Media after McLuhan: active extensions of the mind
By James Carey
Run for your lives! (Uh, never mind.)
By Tony Reichhardt
Media contagion:
botching the science behind the bioterror headlines

By Gerry O'Sullivan
Publisher's Corner:
The deafening gong of the meta-media

By Mike Hoyt
By Harley Schwadron
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