Success story in pediatric psychiatry

Having one child as an almost 2-year veteran of drug therapy for attention deficit disorder (ADD), I appreciated the balance of the content of "Better children through chemistry?" (Metanews, Winter 1998). Like most parents, our major concerns for our child, other than general well-being, are fear of the cumulative effects of poor academic performance and inappropriate impulsive social behaviors. One interesting aspect of our experience is our non-success, on two separate school district psychological/educational evaluations prior to the decision to start drug therapy (ages 5 and 7), in having our son's attention and impulsive activities register above the threshold for regular school-based special education, which classmates receive for various learning difficulties. Given the increasing identification of the constellation of ADD diagnostic behaviors, I hope to see some evolution in school-based special education to deal with a new disability. By the way, his changes were quite encouraging, with no observable side effects.

Charles J. Greenberg
Head of Information Services
Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library

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