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We have a lot of exciting events going on this year!

Chemical Engineering students of all ages, us members of Columbia University's AIChE student chapter urge you to take advantage of the numerous events we have to offer here on campus. Look out for emails and information that will circulate the department, and may be of interest to you and your future goals. Everything from info sessions to networking events, study breaks and career fairs:

  • Trips to the National and Regional Conferences
  • New and Improved Mentorship Program
  • Plant Tours
  • Lunch with Professors
  • Events in the City with neighboring chapters
  • Career and Academic Advice!

Sign up/renew your AIChE membership. It is free for undergraduate students! Jump start your career in the ChemE industry, network, and enjoy the possibilities your AIChE student chapter has to offer.

If you ever have any questions about upcoming events, email the AIChE board at

Feel free to browse around our website to see what we are up to!

The AIChE Board